Grandma Kerry Shakes Head in Regret for Terrorist He Released with Kind Intentions

John Kerry Scolds Ibrahim al Qosi, on Returning to Terrorist Acts Upon Release to Sudan from Guantanamo Bay: “He’s Not Supposed to be Doing That”


In response to a tangential query by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) of the Senate Appropriations Committee, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke from defending his department’s $50,100,000,000 budget request for fiscal year 2017 to wag his finger at new Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) propagandist Ibrahim al Qosi, who Kerry helped spring from Guantanamo Bay in 2010.


He’s not supposed to be doing that,” Kerry admonished, shaking his head slowly in judgement. “Tut-tut.” The third-most powerful man in the free world sat back in his porch swing, took a sip of tea, and picked up his knitting needles once again. “You young people think you have it all figured out. Well, when you get to be all experienced like Grandma Kerry, you understand that terror—even making propaganda to recruit young adults to do terror—is just wrong. Mr. al Qosi knew that we had an understanding six years ago when I helped to free him from Gitmo that he wasn’t going to do the bad thing anymore. Well, he’ll just have to accept the consequences, if we ever capture him again. Which we won’t. Sudan is really big.”

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The all-knowing 72-year-old “leader” then drew the committee’s attention back to the subject of funding his department, which, in an abundance of caution, Mr. Kerry was proud to report only requested $50.1 billion in “discretionary spending” to create more leadership for the next 12 months, compared to a wee bit too much, $50,300,000,000, requested for the previous fiscal year. This will include $750,000,000 for the Green Climate Fund and $14,900,000,000 in Overseas Contingency Operations—mostly black ops, like capturing other terrorists to put through the system. Stuff you little people would never understand.

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