Droning Africans: UPDATE

Obama Drones 150 Suspected “Terrorist Graduates” in Somalia, Fairly Confident He Saved American Lives

Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept had some additional information on last week’s destruction of 150 Somalian lives your tax dollars funded and legitimated.

Droning Africans

The wreckage was still smoking on March 7 when the Obama administration’s Defense Department released the following loaded statement on its successful “manned and unmanned” airstrike on Somalia, an African country with which America is not at war but nonetheless is obliged to defend itself from:

The U.S. military, in self-defense and in defense of its African Union Mission in Somalia, or AMISOM, partners, yesterday conducted an airstrike in Somalia against Raso Camp, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said in a statement released today.

The camp is a training facility of al-Shabaab, which is a terrorist group affiliated with al-Qaeda, Cook said. The strike was conducted using manned and unmanned aircraft, he said, and the fighters who were scheduled to depart the camp posed an imminent threat to U.S. and AMISOM forces.

“The removal of these fighters degrades al-Shabaab’s ability to meet the group’s objectives in Somalia, including recruiting new members, establishing bases and planning attacks on U.S. and AMISOM forces,” Cook said.

(emphasis ours)

America no longer destroys militants (defined by the Obama Defense Department as “all military-age males in a strike zone”); it degrades them, and their abilities, planning, recruiting apparatus, etc. This strategy is doubly effective, PR-wise: bad guy extermination rate need not necessarily approach 100%, since we’re only aiming for degradation. Also, if any civilians are caught in the bombardment (as they are in about 90% of cases, Marina Fang at Huffington Post reports), the whole group of smoldering corpses is deemed militants “unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent.”

Even the most assiduous government watchdogs can’t pack up and go dumpster-diving in the Gulf of Aden every time America decides to “degrade” an “imminent threat,” primarily because such strikes are so frequent. Per The Intercept, Obama has now bombed seven majority-Muslim countries: Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Iraq.

Good thing Mr. Obama, with much fanfare, personally ended the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq—the two, of those seven, with which we were technically at war. He’ll never get that coveted second Nobel Peace Prize at this rate.

For his part, Obama defended the practice in 2013, according to Huffington Post: “The terrorists we are after target civilians, and the death toll from their acts of terrorism against Muslims dwarfs any estimate of civilian casualties from drone strikes.

It’s hard to retroactively compare the body counts, however. America, Iran’s “Great Satan,” usually pops the terrorists before they can execute those acts.

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