Hillary Supports Animal Rights Activists by Talking Over Them

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Hillary to Animal Rights Protesters: You Know, Trump and His Kids Have Killed a Lot of Animals

Yahoo! News reported this evening on a recent rally Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton powered through despite protests from animal rights activists (above) that prompted Hillary’s handlers from Secret Service to mount the stage and protect her.

Hillary boldly rebutted the protesters with some tone-deaf rhetoric. Her supporters in the audience apparently loved this. (Hillary does not often face hostile audiences, as she has not given an unscripted press conference in 245 days, according to Town Hall.

“Apparently these people are here to protest [Donald] Trump, because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals,” Hillary silenced the little people before continuing her speech (via YouTube):

According to Inside Edition, Hillary’s brilliant reference to her Republican rival’s progeny’s photo op with a leopard corpse defused whatever the animal rights people had to spout off about, which was not as important as Hillary’s message of “stronger together.”

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The verbal smack-down of dissenters from the safety of her podium is a past tactic of Hillary’s. When appearing on stage with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, she spun de Blasio’s reference to “c.p. time” (colored people time) preventing his timely endorsement of Hillary as his “champion” in 2016 as “cautious politician” time. Before she thought of this zinger, the black man on stage with the two entitled New York millionaires put in that “[he didn’t] like jokes like that”:

Always listening to the concerns of your (potential) constituents and staying on your own positive message, rather than drowning them out to take a cheap shot at your rival. Nice one, Madam Secretary!

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