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Above: Jaguars Twitter account statement from head coach Bradley on Twitter

Multiple sources report that Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley made the ill-advised, incomprehensible decision to fire offensive coordinator Greg Olson yesterday after a humiliating 36-22 defeat at Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football earlier this week.

Olson, 53, most recently served as OC for the Oakland Raiders. He was removed in 2014 and hire by Jacksonville last season.

Olson has also worked as offensive line and quarterback coach for the Detroit Lions (2004-2005) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2008-2011). He was briefly the Jacksonville quarterback coach in 2012.

Under Olson, second-year quarterback Blake Bortles started all 2015 regular season games, and threw for 4,428 yards, 35 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, a rating of 88.2 and a completion percent of 58.6.


The Jaguars offense seems to be the only aspect going remotely well for the struggling team. At Bortles’ 2015 visit to Tennessee, he set a franchise record of 5 touchdown passes in a single game, losing 42-39.

Bortles has 12 TDs and 9 picks this season, according to



More concerning for the team is last week’s humiliating defensive collapse at home to ex-Jags head coach Jack del Rio’s Oakland Raiders, 16-33. High-priced defensive tackle Malik Jackson was tossed from the game after 45 yards in personal foul penalties, and subsequently fined $24,309 by the NFL according to Today’s Pigskin.

First-round cornerback Jalen Ramsey was ejected in the final minutes of the game after getting in a fistfight with Raiders receiver Johnny Holton. Ramsey was fined $9,115.

Speculation last year that head coach Bradley would be fired as the Jaguars posted an underwhelming 5-11 record despite the offensive numbers proved unfounded. Team owner Shahid Khan announced in late 2015 Bradley would  continue as head coach for the 2016 season.

Jacksonville is currently last in the AFC South division with a 2-5 record.

Under former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Bradley (above), who took over as head coach at the start of the 2013 season, the Jaguars are a miserable 12-38.

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Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey and Malik Jackson fined by NFL

Voter Fraud

With the presidential election on, several citizens have been charged with voter fraud, according to Reuters  via Yahoo! News.

The cases were mostly in “swing states.”

Gladys Coego, 74, (courtesy was slumming as an absentee ballot opener at the Miami-Dade Elections Department and was allegedly observed by a supervisor to change blank ballot items so they would tally for a mayoral candidate.

Prosecutors said that Coego admitted to marking the ballots and was charged with two felony counts of marking or designating the ballot of another.

(Reuters. our emphasis)

Tomika Curgil, 33, (also in Florida)  picked up five felony counts of submitting false voter registration information for allegedly handing in forms filled out by fictitious voters. She was reportedly registering voters for a medical marijuana advocacy group.

Bond was $125,000. That’s a lot of green!


In Iowa, three cases of suspected voter fraud were referred to Des Moines police by election officials. One woman was arrested and accused of voting early twice:

Police did not disclose the political affiliation of the woman, identified as Terri Lynn Rote, 55, but the Des Moines Register newspaper reported she was a registered Republican.

According to People, Ms. Rote told Iowa Public Radio her decision to vote twice was “spur of the moment. The polls are rigged.”

Rote was reportedly afraid her first vote for Trump would be changed by Iowa officials to a vote for Hillary.

The Trump supporter may be getting undue attention both due to Trump’s campaign pitch of “rigged polls” and biased media; and a long history of Republican complaints of voter fraud.

The party affiliation of the two Iowans who were not charged was not reported by the media.


Former Alexandria resident Vafalay Massaquoi, 30, was arraigned in Alexandria General District Court on four felony charges

Vafalay Massaquoi, 30, (courtesy of CBS 6, Virginia) was arraigned on four felony counts: forging a public record (2) and voter registration fraud (2).

Reuters had originally reported Massaquoi was charged with just two felonies. CBS 6 of Virginia clarified Friday the accused was extradited from Philadelphia PA back to Alexandria VA ALLITERATION ALERT for four felony charges in connection to fabricating applications while on the job for  a local advocacy group seeking to register new voters. Mr. Massaquoi was apparently a Virginia resident when he committed the alleged offenses earlier this year.

“There is no allegation that any illegal vote was actually cast in this case,” said Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter. “Furthermore, since the fraudulent applications involved fictitious people, had the fraud not been uncovered, the risk of actual fraudulent votes being cast was low.”

(Reuters. our emphasis)


The final accusation covered by Reuters was another apparent Trump supporter, who reportedly did not falsify anything but did break the law by wearing election gear to a polling place (our emphasis):

A man in Texas, where early voting started on Monday, was arrested on Monday on charges of electioneering and loitering near a polling place, public records show.

The man, Brett Mauthe, had been charged for showing up to vote in a Trump hat and T-shirt with the phrase “basket of deplorables,” a reference to a comment Clinton made disparaging her rivals’ supporters, election officials told media.

Brett Mauthe, 55, of Bulverde, was charged with “electioneering,” a misdemeanor, for wearing Trump campaign garb to a polling place on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016. Photo: Comal County Sheriff's Office

Mauthe, 55, is shown above courtesy of

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Donald Trump Supporter Arrested in Iowa for Voter Fraud, Says the ‘Polls Are Rigged’



The FBI announced yesterday in a letter to lawmakers that new emails from Hillary’s Secret Server had possibly been uncovered, necessitating the re-opening of the investigation.

As a reminder, Mr. Comey shamelessly cleared Hillary of all wrongdoing in her illegal, unauthorized, unsecured basement email server, in which she compiled and then deleted thousands of emails belonging to the taxpayers. We have covered this horrific situation extensively, but the most depressing update occurred under the cover of the Independence Day weekend:


FBI head thug James Comey apparently recently seized some devices belonging to Hillary henchwoman Huma Abedin (above, sleeveless) and her recently-separated husband Anthony Weiner (above, foreskin). This was in connection to Weiner allegedly sexting a minor, which, like any juicy scandal involving the media’s preferred political party, was revealed by a British outlet, Daily Mail.

weiner 37.jpg

Weiner reportedly sent this picture of his weiner and his 3-year-old son to a sexting partner last year. Courtesy of New York Post.

Mr. Weiner resigned from his New York congressional seat in disgrace 5 years ago, then briefly mounted an unsuccessful campaign for mayor of New York City.

New York Times broke yesterday that Comey found some Hillary emails on either Huma’s or Weiner’s device “that appear to be pertinent to the [Secret Server] investigation.”

Comey reportedly wrote the previously unaccounted emails were uncovered “in connection with an unrelated case.”

Kudos to the British press for connecting the dots.

The Hill has more:

After being briefed by his team, Comey “agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps” to determine whether the emails “contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”

Comey said he could not predict how long it would take the bureau to decide whether the newly found emails are “significant,” meaning the investigation could hang over the Democratic presidential nominee’s head through the election.

[our emphasis]

(As a reminder, Hillary has repeatedly insisted she “neither sent nor received material marked classified” on her Secret Server. This claim has been eviscerated by multiple outlets and seems to hinge on whether material at State Department is ever literally marked “classified.” The FBI has since discovered over 1,000 messages Hillary deleted under the guise of their “personal” content that in fact contained top-secret, “classified” material.)

Mr. Comey’s previous public shaming of privacy advocates and displays of false helplessness to better control the little people while victimizing the most successful corporation in the history of civilization  are touched on here:

FBI Rapes More Phones

It should also be noted that Mr. Comey himself advises the anti-NSA precautions we have long espoused. While he did not specifically address the national security agency’s collection of all phone call duration and parties from every American, every day, with no warrant, nor the GPS device implanted standard in every smartphone from the factory so the Federal Government can track subjects citizens every moment of their lives, Comey had this to say about covering the webcam on his laptop:

When asked if he tapes over his cameras at home, Comey replied, “Heck yeah, heck yeah. And I also — I get mocked for a lot of things, much mocked for that — but I hope people lock their cars. I don’t have my own car that I drive, but I’m sure we lock our FBI cars. Lock your doors at night. I have an alarm system. You have an alarm system? You should use it. I use mine.”

(Yahoo! News on 9/15/16)

Mr. Comey also did not comment on the built-in microphone on every laptop, which is presumably as easy for third parties (or even the government??) to access as the webcams on laptops have proven to be. Hillary’s emails never got into our enemy’s hands, though. Trust the Government.

This story will be updated!

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ISIS Updates

Washington Post brought us a botched ISIS-joining from January.

Mahmoud Elhassanb, taxi driver, 26, picked up his holmes Joseph Farrokh, 29, in Richmond. Farrokh shaved off his beard at a rest stop, then the two killed time at a mall.

In a stab at sensibility, Elhassanb put Farrokh in a different taxi to get to Dulles. He was supposed to make it to Syria and join the ISIS.

Fortunately, the Post reports:

The shave and the second taxi were intended to help the pair avoid detection as Farrokh set out on his way to Syria to join the Islamic State. It was no use; the FBI had been watching the whole time, and an undercover informant was in on the plan. Farrokh was arrested as he walked toward his gate, Elhassan in the food court of Potomac Mills mall.

[our coloring]

Elhassanb admitted he made the intros between Farrokh and the FBI informant at a wedding last year. Elhassanb’s attorney Ashraf Nubani initially wanted a not guilty plea, noting the informant, Jesse Morton, was a “former Islamic extremist who was let out of prison more than seven years early.” (Post)

The Assistant U.S. Attorney in the case, Dennis Fitzpatrick, said the two men had conversations “violent in nature,” discussing “chopping off heads” and “fighting against the U.S. military.”

Elhassanb pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI and attempting to help a terrorist group (by shipping Farrokh to Syria). A conspiracy charge is pending. He apparently had a pretty good sob story in court about losing both parents since the family emigrated from Sudan in 2008, including his mother to cancer last year.

Elhassanb’s attorney called Elhassan “a very, very thoughtful and intelligent kid,” who, as a refu­gee in Cairo, studied at Al-Azhar University, the oldest in Egypt. In the United States, before his arrest, he was a student at Northern Virginia Community College.


Farrokh is serving eight and a half years after pleading guilty earlier this year. He had a Shiite Muslim father, a Christian father and a former opioid addiction. Hopefully he is not relapsing in prison, where narcotics are freely available despite the War on Drugs.

Virginia is no stranger to terror-like incidents:

Possible Terrorist Attack in Virginia?

Washington Post notes that seven men from Northern Virginia have been accused of terrorism-related charges in 2016, with three (including the two above) pleading guilty and four pending.

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Hillary Updates

Hillary on State Department Emails Mistakenly Going to Spam: Maybe We Should Release Your Work Email to the State Department, Huma

Above: Hillary aide Huma Abedin emails her boss in 2010 the Secret Server email setup “is not a good system“; Hillary responds she is contemplating “releasing [Huma’s] email address to the [State] Department” so important State communications will stop going to Hillary’s spam folder.

Jessica Taylor of taxpayer-subsidized, left-leaning NPR reported Friday on an email released in May by the State Department as required by the Justice Department.

As we have reported extensively, the State Department, manned by Hillary Clinton from 2009 to 2013 under Obama, is required to periodically release Hillary’s (redacted) emails due to a Freedom of Information Act victory in which Judicial Watch successfully sued the State Department for Clinton’s communications that she curated in a private, unsecured, unapproved, basement Secret Server and then deleted, against Federal records regulations.

TPP Emails Out After Election; Clinton Aide Emails to Take 75 Years for Release–UPDATE


The State Department’s own internal Inspector General determined that Hillary’s actions were wrong, Politico noted in May:

“Secretary Clinton should have preserved any Federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records with the related files in the Office of the Secretary,” the report states. “At a minimum, Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department business before leaving government service and, because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.”

[our emphasis]


Again in May, Politico noted:

According to the [Inspector General] report, some State Department technology staff said they were instructed to not talk of Clinton’s email set-up after they raised concerns about the unusual arrangement. One employee told investigators that he or she “raised concerns that information sent and received on Secretary Clinton’s account could contain Federal records that needed to be preserved in order to satisfy Federal recordkeeping requirements,” the document states.

But they were told to drop it: “According to the staff member, the Director stated that the Secretary’s personal system had been reviewed and approved by Department legal staff and that the matter was not to be discussed any further. As previously noted, OIG found no evidence that staff in the Office of the Legal Adviser reviewed or approved Secretary Clinton’s personal system.”

[our emphasis]

This is interesting, because according to the email out in Friday’s “news dump” by NPR, the unauthorized, unsecured Secret Server apparently sent some of Hillary’s communications to her spam folder. What pressing national security briefings??

The Inspector General report of last May castigating both Hillary and other Secretaries of State–Republican and Democrat–for skating around records-keeping rules and playing dumb when they got caught is once again relevant, NPR’s Taylor points out, because the email cited in the report is only now being released to the public. It was required to be preserved and released to us when Hillary retired in early 2013, but oh well.

From the IG report via Politico:

“In November 2010, Secretary Clinton and her Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations discussed the fact that Secretary Clinton’s emails to Department employees were not being received,” the report said. “The Deputy Chief of Staff emailed the Secretary that “we should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam.”

In response, the Secretary wrote, “Let’s get separate address [sic] or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

[our emphasis and underlining]

The emails Hillary decided to delete because they were “personal,” which are now being dragged out of her lawyers because…they were the property of taxpayers, and not “personal,” include that exchange. We have reproduced the conversation below, because it’s fun to cut and paste entire emails once they’re pried from the death grips of crooked politicians:


Email aliases have proven to be a valuable way for public officials to shirk open-records requirements in the age of Freedom of Information Act. This way, when the electronic search of agency records is conducted to fulfill public requests of communications, if you don’t know the secret street name of the official in question, their Federal Agency cannot be held accountable to Google internally for the juicy stuff.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, for example, used “Lew Alcindor”, the birth name of his NBA idol Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as his email alias. This was revealed in a 2014 lawsuit in which a VICE News had to sue using the FOIA to get Justice Department records that were the property of the taxpayers.

“For your information, e-mails in the enclosed documents which use the account name ‘Lew Alcindor’ denote e-mails to or from former Attorney General Holder.”

–the preface of a “heavily redacted” FOIA response provided to VICE News



“To our mind, it made sense to prioritize the review being conducted by the Justice Department and so, accordingly, Hillary Clinton has said since last August that she’ll be happy to sit with them at whatever point they approach her, which has not happened yet. And she has similarly encouraged all of her aides to cooperate in every way with that Justice Department review.”

–Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon. our underlining

Politico noted at the time that “Clinton and Abedin both chose not to cooperate with the IG’s investigation.”


Speaking of emails…

Through her surrogates, Hillary has been ferociously critical of “Russians” who supposedly helped Wikileaks publish the emails of her campaign chair John Podesta.

The Hill has more:
WikiLeaks, led by founder Julian Assange, a fierce Clinton critic, has been publishing batches of emails stolen from the personal account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Between now and Election Day, WikiLeaks is expected to release up to 40,000 more emails, in what appears to be a bid to undermine Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The intelligence community has said the Russians are behind the hack. The FBI is investigating the extent to which Moscow may have been involved.

The emails have been catnip for Washington insiders, giving an unvarnished glimpse inside Clinton’s inner circle and the day-to-day activities of her political machine.

But there have also been several potentially damaging revelations that Trump has vowed to make the centerpiece of his campaign in the final weeks before the election.

Clinton was revealed to have said she has different views on certain issues depending on whether she’s in “public or private;” something she struggled to account for at the last debate.

In a private speech given to a Wall Street banks, Clinton apparently touted her support for “open borders.”

One exchange appeared to show now-Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile tipping Clinton off to a question ahead of a debate against Bernie Sanders, although Brazile has denied that happened.

And one of Clinton’s top advisers, Jennifer Palmieri, has been criticized for an email disparaging Catholics and Christians.

The Clinton campaign has not confirmed the authenticity of the emails and has sought to cast doubt on the exchanges by insinuating that the hackers and WikiLeaks may have doctored the contents.

Now, they’re ramping up pressure on all of the involved parties, including the press, warning that the hack represents a grave threat to U.S. interests and should not be exploited for political purposes.

“It shakes me to my core,”[Mike] Morell said. “This is a direct assault on our democracy. It’s a direct assault on how we choose our leaders.”


Morell is one of a cadre of Clinton backers who equate “Clinton’s campaign manager emails are now public record thanks to Wikileaks” with “Vladimir Putin is hacking our elections.

The Hill:

“I’m not saying this as a Democrat or a Republican. I’m not saying this as someone who has endorsed Hillary Clinton. I’m saying this as someone who cares deeply about our national security. I’m simply enraged by these Russian hacks.

“I can’t think of a more serious issue at the moment than Russia trying to interfere in our election.”

–2-time former Acting Director of the CIA, Mike Morell

CIA Michael Morell.jpg

OF NOTE, Mr. Morell is no stranger to national politics. From his Wikipedia page:

[Morell] is a critic of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 2014 report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques, which many consider to be torture,

National Security

and is also a proponent of the CIA’s targeted killings by drones.

War Crimes

Morell has been a regular critic of Snowden, saying that ISIS benefitted [sic] from Snowden’s disclosures, adding that “Americans may well die at the hands of terrorists because of Edward Snowden’s action.”


In an August 2016 op-ed for The New York Times, Morell endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Stating that he was registered with neither the Democratic nor Republican parties, and had always been silent about his political preferences, Morell stated that Donald Trump was “not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security.”

(Wikipedia. our emphasis)


In August:

Mr. Podesta and his brother Tony ended their contract as (unregistered) chief lobbyists for Russian’s major Kremlin-controlled corporation, Sberbank.

As we reported earlier this year (and the pro-Hillary media ignored from behind their ropes),

the Panama Papers revealed Podesta’s shady lobbying position for the Kremlin, which he milked until two months ago because when you’re preparing to be appointed to Clinton White house the 2nd, you have to cash out of your international criminal activity a respectable period prior to transfer of power.

Panama Papers

The Russian connection was a much larger liability for former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was forced to resign in August when it emerged that he may have taken $12.7 million from the Sberbank.

Russian Relations

You should have been on Hillary’s team, Paulie!

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