Summer Part 1: Stories We Shelved!!! April 11–Federal “Thaw”

That didn’t take long.

After assuming office on promises to rein in entitled agency fat cats and their bureaucracies, President Trump signed an executive order in January imposing a “freeze” on all hiring of civilian Federal “workers.”

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But less than three months later (in which Trump also released a big-spending, unsustainable spending proposal for fiscal year 2018 that will raise deficits beyond the $9.4 trillion in new national debt that will accumulate in the next ten years even without spending increases), the hordes of paper pushers and their armies of union officials, lobbyists and big-government zealots from both major parties persuaded the president a malignant, bloated, stifling Federal “work”force must continue to grow. Like cancer.

As Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney–championed as a conservative cost-cutter in his confirmation hearing–cautioned [STUPID PHRASE ALERT]: “It does not mean the agencies will be free to hire willy-nillyWhat we’re doing tomorrow is replacing the across-the-board hiring freeze that was put in place on day one and replacing it with a smarter plan, a more strategic plan, a more surgical plan.”

The Hill had more:

[T]he freeze resulted in an increased backlog of benefits claims at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Department, which Trump pledged to strengthen during the campaign. 

It also created delays in the processing of Social Security checks, staff shortages at federal prisons, the closure of childcare facilities at military bases and fewer workers at the Food and Drug Administration to work on drug approvals.

But not to worry! For the 2019 fiscal year budget, agencies are required by memorandum to “begin taking immediate actions” to cut their employee numbers (to achieve the Trump budget’s lauded “savings” from cutting domestic programs like EPA–which will reportedly all be funneled to the military) and  to “maximize employee performance” in plans due June 30.

The Hill also reported Mulvaney’s insistence that Trump will not be cutting anything from Social Security or Medicare, keeping his campaign promise to ensure financial ruin for the “millennial” generation and their descendants.

The Feds confiscated a record $3,270,000,000,000 in taxes during fiscal year 2016, and spent that plus an additional $587,000,000,000. The latter amount was our deficit just for 2016.

The total national debt will soon hit $20,000,000,000,000.

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