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Another Black Hawk Crash

A U.S. Black Hawk chopper went down off the Yemen coast in a reported training accident on August 25.

Although five service members were rescued, one is still missing. The incident is being investigated by Central Command, under the leadership of General Joseph Votel. Votel reportedly visited the Saudi Arabian-Yemeni border just days before.

Five Missing Army Aviators Now Sought in “Recovery” rather than “Rescue”–Hawaii

According to the Post [our emphasis]:

The U.S. military maintains a small special operations base near Yemen’s port of Mukalla to facilitate an ongoing campaign targeting al-Qaeda loyalists there. The Pentagon has conducted more than 80 airstrikes in Yemen this year, officials say.

Also, Stars and Stripes indicates this is the same Special Ops outfit that conducted the disastrous Yemen raid in January, leaving two Americans (usually cited as one because the Federal Government doesn’t want to emphasize we fatally shot Obama-executed Anwar al-Awlaki‘s eight-year old daughter in the neck), multiple civilian women and children, and an American MV-22 Osprey helicopter destroyed:

Spring Break Blitz: Stories We Sat On!!! January 29: Two Americans Killed

Stars and Stripes reports our Horn of Africa operations are primarily waged against al-Qaeda.

al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, is reportedly the second-largest branch of al-Qaeda. According to Wikipedia, the branch is the most dangerous al-Qaeda arm currently, and emerged as central leadership of the terrorist organization weakened.

AQAP claimed responsibility for the fatal 2009 Little Rock, AR recruiting office shooting perpetrated by Abdulhakim Muhammad.

Grandma Kerry Shakes Head in Regret for Terrorist He Released with Kind Intentions

And [our emphasis again],

For more than two years, Yemen’s Saudi-backed government forces—with U.S. support and munitions—have been pitted against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, leading to a devastating humanitarian crisis.


Also this month, a Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey crashed off the coast of Australia. The Marine Corps announced Friday it had recovered the bodies of three Marines killed in that crash.

The Post has a more basic explanation of our “double death and destruction” presence in Yemen:

While the U.S. has remained focused on striking al-Qaeda, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia — and backed by the Pentagon — has waged a parallel war against Iranian-backed Houthi militants.

Don’t forget about al-Qaeda rival ISIS, who also wage guerrilla warfare in Yemen:

ISIS Bombings

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Grandma Kerry Shakes Head in Regret for Terrorist He Released with Kind Intentions

John Kerry Scolds Ibrahim al Qosi, on Returning to Terrorist Acts Upon Release to Sudan from Guantanamo Bay: “He’s Not Supposed to be Doing That”


In response to a tangential query by Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) of the Senate Appropriations Committee, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry broke from defending his department’s $50,100,000,000 budget request for fiscal year 2017 to wag his finger at new Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) propagandist Ibrahim al Qosi, who Kerry helped spring from Guantanamo Bay in 2010.


He’s not supposed to be doing that,” Kerry admonished, shaking his head slowly in judgement. “Tut-tut.” The third-most powerful man in the free world sat back in his porch swing, took a sip of tea, and picked up his knitting needles once again. “You young people think you have it all figured out. Well, when you get to be all experienced like Grandma Kerry, you understand that terror—even making propaganda to recruit young adults to do terror—is just wrong. Mr. al Qosi knew that we had an understanding six years ago when I helped to free him from Gitmo that he wasn’t going to do the bad thing anymore. Well, he’ll just have to accept the consequences, if we ever capture him again. Which we won’t. Sudan is really big.”

Obama to Move Really Dangerous Terrorists from Cuba to America and Other Places Because Progress

The all-knowing 72-year-old “leader” then drew the committee’s attention back to the subject of funding his department, which, in an abundance of caution, Mr. Kerry was proud to report only requested $50.1 billion in “discretionary spending” to create more leadership for the next 12 months, compared to a wee bit too much, $50,300,000,000, requested for the previous fiscal year. This will include $750,000,000 for the Green Climate Fund and $14,900,000,000 in Overseas Contingency Operations—mostly black ops, like capturing other terrorists to put through the system. Stuff you little people would never understand.

WE TOLD YOU SO: flashback to Secretary Kerry’s related leadership: 

Update: Terror

America to Sponsor Terrorism

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