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December Debacle: Stories from the Freezer!!! Awan Updates

Updated 1/7/18.

Suspected bank defrauder Imran Awan and his circle of crack ex-tech employees of the Federal Government were back in the news over the past several months.


Summer Part 2: August Agony!!! Looking Back: July 25: Debbie, Derelict of Any Responsibility

In September, Awan’s wife Hina Alvi, at large in Pakistan from bank fraud charges after Federal agents intercepted her with a bag of cash at Dulles airport in March, then let her board the plane out, bargained with the Feds to return to America to face an arraignment. It is unclear if she actually returned, but Washington Examiner reported the deal scheduled the homecoming for the last week of September. In exchange for her children not watching her arrest, Alvi agreed to give up her passports.

We already reported on Awan’s stepmother, Samina Gilani‘s allegations that Awan coerced her to sign over assets, wiretapped her and threatened to kill family members back in Pakistan. Daily Caller found Gilani and two other women filed police reports in Virginia accusing Awan of abuse.

Salam Chaudry‘s December 2015 injury was redacted from the domestic dispute report. Awan lawyered up when the officer asked him questions. Both Awan and Chaudry insisted they were only roommates. Chaudry and her two young children stayed while Awan left the apartment that night.

Seven months later, Samara Siddique summoned police while Awan was out, claimed to be in a relationship with him, and asked for information on obtaining a restraining order.

Gilani told police Awan threatened to hurt her and a cousin in Baltimore, and that Siddique is Awan’s second wife by Pakistani law.



Daily Caller also fingered the Awans for a Hillary-esque, Federal-oversight defying Secret Server operation whose existence was only reported by other apparently conservative outlets.

While Politico acknowledged in March that Awan and his four relatives and friends were fired for stealing equipment from [Congress] members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network, the ex-employees are now alleged to have compiled server data from Democratic House members onto this unknown server as well as “Dropbox.” Since Dropbox use was prohibited, Awan allegedly used a fake account and could have accessed the data after his official clearance was revoked in February.

(In his defense, Federal officials often use fake accounts to get around FOIA requests.)

Spring Break Blitz: Stories We Sat On!!! February 27–Justice Department and EPA

The secret server (“connected” to the House Democratic Caucus, according to Daily Caller) came to light when outgoing HDC chair Xavier Becerra (D-CA) (below) resigned to become California’s attorney general and requested the server be wiped.

Xavier Becerra official portrait.jpg

Police asked to see the server (right around the time Awan and entourage were fired by everyone except Debbie Wasserman Schultz), and Awan turned in a false copy for evidence, which may carry a charge of interfering with a criminal investigation.

Awan had access to office files from 45 House Democrats prior to his removal. Mrs. Alvi reportedly received at least $25,000 per year (in addition to her salary) from Becerra’s office during his 2013-2016 chairmanship of the HDC.


In October, when Awan (on house arrest for bank fraud charges) argued through his attorney he should have his GPS monitor removed and curfew rescinded, the FBI’s finding that he wiped all data from his cell phone–just prior to being arrested at the airport fleeing to Pakistan–came to light.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Mirando stamped out the counterargument that the phone contained no data because it was recently purchased by producing the phone’s time stamp from three hours prior to the arrest.


On November 11, the Congress Committee on House Administration announced two STUPID PHRASE ALERT “listening sessions” to brief House members behind closed doors on the future use of “shared employees.” Politico suggests Awan and four associates’ charges of lifting IT equipment and illegal activity on the House network may have motivated the seminar.


But the strangest development was the revelation of Cars International A (CIA), an auto dealership Awan’s brother Abid (below, not feeling very photogenic) ran in tandem with his recent $164,980 “shared employee” position in for House members.  He reportedly omitted  loans to finance the dealership from his Congressional ethics form.

Abid Awan, a House IT technician suspected in a security breach, leaves court after separately being accused of insurance fraud. DCNF photo

A 2010 loan of $100,000 to CIA came from internal medicine Dr. Ali Al-Attar, who was indicted by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein for tax fraud in 2012. Al-Attar has reportedly fled to Iraq to shake additional charges.

CIA apparently took orders for cars, then procured them from AAA Motors across the street. Nasir Khattak (also from Pakistan) ran AAA, and revealed in deposition that his business subsidized Imran Awan (the actual mastermind of CIA).

Other dealerships tried to move cars through CIA, and sued when Awan screwed them. Daily Caller:

It’s not clear where the dealership’s money was going, because it was sued by at least five different people on all ends of a typical car business who said they were stiffed. CIA didn’t pay the security deposit, rent or taxes for its building, it didn’t pay wholesalers who provided cars, and it sold broken cars to people and then refused to honor the warranties, the lawsuits say.


Chris Gowen (below), Imran Awan’s attorney, worked for both Bill and Hillary Clinton when Hillary was a Senator.

Thanks to our sources:







Daily Caller

Daily Caller

EXCLUSIVE: DWS IT Guy Was Banned From House After Trying To Hide Secret Server

House IT Worker At Center Of Scandal Allegedly Abused Three Muslim Women


Summer Part 2: August Agony!!! Looking Back: July 25: Debbie, Derelict of Any Responsibility

Our contempt for payday loan guardian and 2016 primary scales-tipping Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continues.

DNC Shakeup: The Usual Suspects

The latest disgrace from the hyperpartisan, seven-term Miami Beach maniac began in February. Long story Schultz schortz schort short, Wasserman Schultz continued to employ a House IT staffer for months after his family’s national security-jeopardizing, taxpayer-funded criminal activity was discovered:

Five House employees are under criminal investigation amid allegations that they stole equipment from more than 20 member offices and accessed House IT systems without lawmakers’ knowledge.

(Politico, 2/2/17)

The investigation has apparently been in progress since late last year.

Four men and a woman (then unnamed) had their access to the House network terminated in February, but the accused staffers’ individual jobs remained at the discretion of the multiple Congress representatives (reportedly all Democrats) who employed them.

Guess which representative kept the ringleader on payroll up to the minute he was caught fleeing the country by the FBI?

Imran Awan (below, with former president Bill Clinton) was intercepted at Washington’s Dulles International Airport on July 24 as he attempted to travel to Pakistan via Qatar. He surrendered his passport to FBI agents on “multiple charges of bank fraud” and was terminated by Wasserman Schultz the next day.

Links: Imran Awan used his social media account to boast of his access to top Democratic figures - and worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a time when she ran the party's National Committee. It was hacked, allegedly by Russians, producing devastating leaked emails

According to CNN,

The complaint and affidavit against Awan accused him and his wife, Hina Alvi, of attempting to commit bank fraud by misrepresenting themselves on a loan for a rental property they had and then wiring the proceeds to two unnamed persons in Pakistan.

National Review:

According to the complaint filed in federal court in support of his arrest, Awan wired $283,000 in January from the Congressional Federal Credit Union to Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The Hill:

Awan and his family have reportedly worked for House Democrats for years. He declared bankruptcy in 2012, but has made millions of dollars on the House payroll over at least a decade of work for various members, according to a Politico report.

Awan reportedly used his Democratic connections to cultivate lucrative Congressional IT “staffer” jobs for himself, his brothers Abid (below, sweatpants) and Jamal, Abid’s wife Natalia Sova (below, red shirt), and Awan’s friend Rao Abbas.


Fired: Abid Awan and his wife Natalia Sova were also working for Dems but were fired as the investigation emerged 

As background, all five of the individuals under investigation are Muslims with strong family ties to Pakistan. Wasserman Schultz is under heavy fire for inappropriately continuing Awan’s employment through July to avoid the optics of destroying diversity on the Capitol workforce.

[Wasserman Schultz was hardly alone in dismissing the staffers’ presumption of guilt on such serious charges. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) as well as Rep. Meeks told Politico on March 1 the accused deserved due process, while confirming that Imran Awan and Hina Alvi, respectively, were no longer working for their offices. Meeks noted of the family’s Pakistani Muslim origins: “I wanted to be sure individuals are not being singled out because of their nationalities or their religion.”]

Politico revealed in March that Imran Awan, Alvi, Abbas, Abid Awan and Jamal Awan are accused of stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the probe. 

It is unclear where Natalia Sova fits into all this.

The gravy train opened up when Imran Awan got onto Wasserman Schultz’ payroll in 2005.

According to InsideGov, Abid Awan earned an estimated salary of $164,980 USD as a Shared Employee through the most recent House pay period. This was 2.4 times greater than the median for a House staff.

[our emphasis]

Rao Abbas “administered email accounts and computers” of eight members of Congress and brought home $93,151 annually, according to 2016 records from InsideGov. According to Daily Caller, he scored the IT job after being fired from McDonald’s.

Hina Alvi, 33, was also milking a “support staffer” position in the Capitol. She was terminated from Rep. Gregory Meeks‘ (D-NY) office on February 28 after banking either $126,225 (New York Post) or $168,300 (InsideGov) in 2016.

The Gateway Pundit reports the photos below show Imran Awan and Hina Alvi (since Alvi apparently has no self-aggrandizing shot with President Clinton, her online images are difficult to locate):

On March 5, investigators apparently bumped into Alvi, her three daughters, boxes of household goods, and over $12,000 in cash at Dulles boarding a flight to–get this–Pakistan via Qatar. They let her go. Andrew McCarthy at National Review insists moving more than $10,000 undeclared should have merited a felony charge on its own.


According to Daily Caller in May,

[A]s House authorities closed in on Imran Awan and his brothers, a laptop used by Imran was hidden in an unused crevice of the Rayburn House Office Building. […] The laptop was later found by Capitol Police and seized because it was relevant to the criminal investigation, the source said.

Suddenly concerned with national security, or something, Wasserman Schultz demanded that Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa return equipment belonging to her office that was seized as part of the investigation — or face “consequences”, according to New York Post.


Imran Awan’s bank fraud activities may intersect with his “stealing computers and government secrets” activities. Andre Taggart (below), a Marine veteran who rented Awan’s pad in Lorton, VA (it was suddenly posted for lease after the criminal probe emerged in February) found some hardcore gear that may have been procured from the U.S. House in the garage.

Andre Taggart found hard drives tied to Imran Awan and turned them over to the FBI. / Provided photo

“[W]ireless routers, hard drives that look like they tried to destroy, laptops, [and] a lot of brand new expensive toner. […] [were] in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along the walls. They left in a huge hurry[.] It looks like government-issued equipment. We turned that stuff over.”

Taggart told Daily Caller Awan then threatened to sue Taggart for return of the equipment and tried to enter the property (unauthorized) several times.


Imran’s stepmother reportedly filed a lawsuit in Virginia claiming abuse from Awan:

Samina Gilani alleges her stepsons of wiretapping her phones, threatening to kidnap family members in Pakistan, and preventing her from seeing her dying husband in a Virginia hospital unless she granted them power of attorney. She also accused them of trying to remove her as the beneficiary of her husband’s $50,000 life-insurance policy.


On August 3, Wasserman Schultz told the Sun-Sentinel:

“I believe that I did the right thing, and I would do it again. There are times when you can’t be afraid to stand alone, and you have to stand up for what’s right.”

She also blamed the “right-wing media circus fringe” for keeping the criminal investigation alive in the news, and confirmed she created new tasks for Awan so he could stay on payroll after being banned from the House IT network.

On August 17, Imran Awan and Hina Alvi were indicted on four charges including conspiracy, engaging in unlawful monetary transactions, and making false statements.

Daily Mail reported Awan is under a high-intensity supervision program and must wear a monitoring device and stay within 50 miles of his house and–apparently learning from his wife’s mistake–was holding just under the reporting requirement of $10,000 when he tried to flee to Pakistan.

They also got this picture:

Charged: Imran Awan was Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT aide but now faces years in prison if found guilty of the four charges against her 


In a further denigration of Debbie and her abuse of party power, a federal court on August 25 dismissed a class-action lawsuit against the DNC, noting that while “the Court assumes […] that the DNC and Wasserman Schultz held a palpable bias in favor Clinton and sought to propel her ahead of her Democratic opponent”,  the plaintiffs who brought the suit had not suffered sufficient “concrete injury” to allow the court to intervene.


It is unclear what impact the latest Debbie drama will have on the (as yet unsubstantiated but certainly concerning) rumors of DNC leadership involvement in the death of Shawn Lucas; or the intriguing circumstances of the demise of Beranton Whisenant Jr.

Whisenant, 37 (below), was a federal prosecutor found May 25 washed up on a Hollywood, FL beach with a bullet in his head.

Miami Herald reports that although the death investigation remains “shrouded in mystery,” Whisenant’s friends and family are not pleased with new conspiracy theories that stem from his body’s (apparently incidental) discovery in Wasserman Schultz’ district:

People close to Whisenant say they have seen the postings and are “disgusted” with the exploitation of his death, saying he had no connection to the DNC case.

Hollywood PD is investigating after the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office ruled out any connection between Whisenant’s federal prosecuting work and his death.

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Hina Alvi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home


Spring Break Blitz: Stories We Sat On!!! February 25–DNC Chair

Obama insider Thomas Perez was easily elected DNC chair on the second ballot.

Interestingly, the 440+ voters were supposed to use electronic “clickers” undergrad professors mandate to exert some marginal level of control over lectures. But first, there was a problem with the wi-fi. Then…

Almost certainly stolen by the Russians. Or the FBI.

Donna Brazile explained to the dumbfounded delegates how to mark a paper ballot:


Hillary Updates

According to The Hill, Howard Dean, a former DNC chair who dropped out of the race in December and backed South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigeig [yes that is his actual name] down the stretch, had some nasty words for the sway of reigning Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer:

“I think Chuck Schumer’s endorsement is the kiss of death,” Dean said at an event supporting rival DNC candidate Pete Buttigieg, the current mayor of South Bend, Ind.

“Because I had to say no to Chuck Schumer when he demanded $5 million, because I said, ‘Chuck, you’re not getting it for the DSCC; I’m putting it into local races,” Dean added, referring to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Buttigeig received one vote on the first ballot. Dean reportedly endorsed Ellison over Perez in round two. There was also commotion between rounds one and two with a false endorsement from Buttgeig of Ellison, which Buttigeig smacked down.

NPR reported that the Dean endorsement was legitimate:

“This is Governor Howard Dean. I believe that Keith Ellison would be the most likely person to be able to successfully bring in the first global generation to the Democratic Party. (This is real)”

The tweet is not available on Dean’s “Twitter.”


Dean Drops Out

According to Good Morning America:

Democrats also defeated a resolution that would have banned corporate donations to the party — a chance to reinstate an Obama policy that was nixed under [Debbie] Wasserman Schultz.

Thanks to our sources:




Spring Break Blitz: Stories We Sat On!!! February 8–Thomas Perez

Obama Department of Labor head Thomas Perez slipped up and publicly stated the 2016 Democratic presidential primary was rigged for Hillary.

Right-leaning New York Observer:

Perez stated, “We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged, and it was. And you’ve got to be honest about it. That’s why we need a chair who is transparent.”


[our emphasis]

Perez is considered a frontrunner for DNC chairman. His main competition is Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison.

As we have extensively reported, the nomination process was rigged. Disgraced DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced out in July. Interim chair Donna Brazile, a longtime Bill Clinton ally, was then caught feeding Hillary questions ahead of a CNN debate with eventual victor Donald Trump. CNN cut ties with Brazile.

DNC Shakeup: The Usual Suspects

Hillary Updates

Additionally, pro-Bernie process server Shawn Lucas, 38, mysteriously turned up dead in Washington shortly after delivering a summons to the DNC to explain their role, documented in a variety of email hacks (damn Russia!), in curtailing Bernie’s bid for the 2016 nomination.


Shawn Lucas Updates (November 1)



Within the same day, however, Perez tweeted out his apology and claimed he “misspoke“:

The tweets were noticed by both right-leaning New York Post and far-left Vox.

According to Washington Post, Perez was additionally endorsed this week by former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Obama Justice Dept bagman Eric Holder.

Perez is the favored candidate of the “establishment” in the late February election in Atlanta, based on his endorsements.

DNC Updates

However, the liberal wing of his party will not be pleased. Multiple radio shows on YouTube last month aired the following clip of Perez fleeing Intercept reporter Zaid Jilani’s inquiry about Israel building settlements:


Thanks to our sources:


DNC Chair Candidate Tom Perez Admits Democratic Primaries Were Rigged

Shawn Lucas Updates (November 1)

Cause of Death for Anti-Debbie Process Server Shawn Lucas Unveiled Days Before Election


Shawn Lucas Death

The unexpected August 2 death of 38-year-old process server Shawn Lucas, one month after the Bernie Sanders supporter served Debbie Wasserman Schutz’s DNC with allegations that they helped Hillary cheat the primaries (according to Wikileaks emails, they reportedly absolutely “thumbed the scales” for the failed general election candidate) was not cleared up in the least by  a November 1 autopsy report.

The Washington, D.C. medical examiner really took their time, quietly releasing the “cause of death” of a slightly overweight, apparently healthy young man who enraged the wrong side of the political aisle amidst (among other election week stories) FBI thug James Comey reminding the American people that Hillary’s unauthorized, insecure and deliberately-deleted basement email server may have to be re-investigated to probe the jail bait sex life of Hillary aide Huma Abedin’s estranged husband Anthony Weiner.


Heavy.com has the dirty details:

[Lucas] was the latest Washington D.C. man who died young to inspire DNC-related conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories also surround the July murder of Seth Rich, a DNC data analyst who worked on voting rights issues and who was gunned down in an unsolved slaying on a Washington D.C. street. Rich’s murder remains unsolved.

However, Lucas’ death has now been labeled an accident as a result of a combination of drugs, including kratom.


According to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of Washington D.C., this is the cause and manner of Shawn Lucas’ death. The office released the information to Heavy on November 1:

Cause: Combined adverse effects of fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine, and mitragynine
Manner: Accident

The office does not release further details under law.

Fentanyl is “a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that is similar to morphine.”

Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant.

Mitragynine is the main component in the herb Kratom. Forbes says the federal Drug Enforcement Administration is trying to restrict access to kratom, adding that “various forms of kratom and teas made from the plant’s leaves are sold in cafes and on the internet. Their primary effect is to provide a short-lived peaceful and calm feeling that is described as pleasant.”

As for the DNC lawsuit, Lucas was one of several process servers and was captured on video serving the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed on June 28 by Bernie Sanders supporters against the DNC and then DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who resigned in the wake of the WikiLeaks email scandal.

The lawsuit filed by “a group made up predominantly of Bernie Sanders supporters” alleges Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton,” says UPI.

The group of 120 people says in the lawsuit “that Wasserman Schultz and the DNC were fraudulent, negligent and misrepresented their true motivations in the Democratic presidential primary,” said UPI, adding that internal email and memos were cited in the lawsuit.

[our emphasis]

Pretty [far-fetched] PUN ALERT “heavy” stuff for Mr. Lucas to be shooting up on the regular. We will continue to monitor for further toxicology reports, as this story is still being ignored by the mainstream media (try “Googling” Shawn Lucas).

Thanks to our source:

DNC Process Server Shawn Lucas Cause of Death Released

Dean Drops Out

Former Vermont Governor, Former DNC Chairman and (briefly) 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean ended his bid for chairperson of the Democratic National Committee.

Dean drops out of DNC chairmanship race

“I can’t believe I lost all this weight for nothing!”

The position’s future has been in doubt since July, when Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced from office following Wikileaks publishing hacked DNC emails proving Debbie orchestrated the Democratic primaries to tilt the scales in favor of Hillary over liberal challenger Bernie Sanders.

(As our upcoming post will highlight, Debbie also may have ordered the assassination of Shawn Lucas.)

Donna Brazile assumed the interim personship, but her second stint as the backup was rocked with other leaked emails from Hillary’s geriatric campaign chairman John Podesta that proved Brazile used her connections at her then-employer CNN to leak Hillary a debate question in advance. Brazile subsequently evaded questions but nebulously denied wrongdoing. CNN quickly “severed ties” with Brazile.


The Hill reported Friday that Dean’s withdrawal, which did not include an endorsement, left three candidates in play.

Front-runner Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) (below)has reportedly pocketed endorsements from lawmakers and national labor unions.

South Carolina Democratic Chairman Jaime Harrison and New Hampshire Chairman Ray Buckley appear to lag behind Ellison in the RHYME TIME quest to be the best chairperson for the Democratic mess so that the independent voters will have less inclination to detest.

Other names that have unofficially surfaced include Department of Labor thug Thomas Perez and Ilyse Hogue of the national pro-choice organization NARAL.

The Hill:
During an interview on MSNBC minutes after his video announcement, Dean reiterated that he does not support Ellison’s bid unless he was willing to give up his seat, noting that while Ellison has support from many high-profile Democrats, none of those politicians are DNC members who can vote in the chair’s race.
Among Ellison’s other positions, mainstream and hard-right outlets are probing past associations to the Nation of Islam and certain anti-Semitic figures. He is the first Muslim elected to Congress.



Hillary Updates

DNC Shakeup: The Usual Suspects

Dean to Run for Second DNC Chairpersonship

Thanks to our sources:



Shawn Lucas Update

We were still concerned about DNC process server Shawn Lucas, who was found dead on August 2 after dropping off a legal summons for DNC head thug Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The lawsuit reportedly contends what recent Wikileaks emails confirm: the DNC strategically circled the wagons to christen Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee before the primary debates even started last fall.

Shawn Lucas Death

Our source Wall Street on Parade finally got an answer from the Washington, D.C. medical examiner on Friday–it was sort of like when Hillary is asked a direct question by the press:

It has now been more than three weeks since Lucas died with no cause of death announced. We asked the Chief Medical Examiner’s office if the delay was a result of toxicology tests being conducted. We were told it can make no comment beyond the fact that the cause of death is “pending.”

The official report from the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. indicates that officers Kathryn Fitzgerald and Adam Sotelo responded to a 911 call from the girlfriend of Lucas, Savannah King. The officers arrived “at 1913 hours,” or 7:13 p.m. on the evening of  Tuesday, August  2. According to the report, Lucas was “laying unconscious on the bathroom floor” and when “DCFD Engine 9 responded” there were “no signs consistent with life.”

[emphasis ours]

Hopefully the M.E. gets their shit together, because Mr. Lucas has been in the ground awhile now and his family would presumably like some explanation for the 38-year-old’s suspicious demise.

Thanks to our source:


Shawn Lucas Death

We are closely monitoring the as-yet unexplained death of 38-year-old process server (and Bernie Sanders supporter) Shawn Lucas, who served papers on the DNC July 1 in South Florida.

It is entirely possible Hillary and her newly-hired cronie Debbie Wasserman Schultz had Mr. Lucas “rubbed out.”

No cause of death has apparently been released yet, although Mr. Lucas was found dead 18 days ago in his bathroom.

The mainstream media is burying this story to help with the Clinton Coronation, so get up to speed here (and watch darthfrankthetank.com for updates):


DNC Shakeup: The Usual Suspects

To mollify the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Hillary Clinton’s only serious challenger to represent the Dirty Dems in the 2016 Presidential election, ferocious Clinton surrogate–and scale-tipper, if WikiLeaks is to be believed– Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) is stepping down as head of the Democratic National Committee.

Wasserman Schultz angered many liberals with alleged bias toward a Clinton coronation throughout this year’s Democratic primary contests. Mrs. Schultz was chosen by President Obama to head the DNC in 2011, despite her efforts to elect then-Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) instead of Mr. Obama in the 2008 Presidential election.

Salon reports that Debbie is far from “out the door,” however. Bernie sold out to support career criminal Hillary Clinton instead of continuing his “political revolution” against billionaire Donald Trump, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and Green Party physician Jill Stein (the latter of whom is thought to be much closer than “Crooked Hillary” to the progressive, eco-freak views Bernie espoused during the primaries). Recently-WikiLeaked emails among the DNC minions allegedly confirm Bernie’s suspicion that the game was rigged in Hillary’s favor even before her 0.5% victory margin in Iowa.

But although Bernie’s public desire to oust his fellow Jew, hyper-partisan Wasserman Schultz, appeared realized this weekend mid-Democratic convention in Philadelphia (about the time the DNC emails hit the internets), Hillary quickly installed the dutiful Debbie in an “honorary” leadership role to continue shaping the Democratic victory train:

Hillary Clinton is thanking her “longtime friend” Debbie Wasserman Schultz after the Florida congresswoman’s decision to step down as chair of the Democratic National Committee. Clinton says that Wasserman Schultz will serve as honorary chair of her campaign’s 50-state program to help elect Democrats around the country.

[Salon, underline ours]

Bernie’s feelings on the matter, despite famously insisting during an October 2015 debate that “[t]he American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” became clear as his campaign crumbled, and Mr. Sanders called for Wasserman Schultz’ resignation from the DNC. He continued this curmudgeonly call through yesterday (The Hill):

She “should not be chair of the DNC, and I think these emails reiterate that reason why she should not be chair,” the Vermont senator said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“I think she should resign, period, and I think we need a new chair that’s going to lead us in a new direction.”

Sanders’ statement to Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopoulos on ABC came two days after the WikiLeaks release of the DNC emails.

In one May 21 email, DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach wrote to communications director Luis Miranda about planting a narrative to the media that Sanders’s “campaign was a mess.”

“Well, I think I told you a long time ago that the DNC was not running a fair operation — that they were supporting Secretary Clinton. So what I suggested to be true six months ago turns out, in fact, to be true,” Sanders said.

“I’m not shocked by it, but I’m disappointed.”

[The Hill. color and underline ours]

Bernie will apparently still campaign with the Anointed One.

Whatever will Bernie supporters do with their tattoos??

Sterile Needles for Socialism


Salon continued:

The move came after the publication last week of some 19,000 hacked emails, some of which suggested the DNC was favoring Clinton during the primary season.

Why does this matter???

Two other (far classier) Democratic women have taken demotions to assist progressive values, or whatever, and appear to have more integrity than either Hillary or Debbie.

On February 28, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) resigned from the DNC following a public spat with Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the limited number and strategically low-viewership time slots of the Democratic presidential debates.

“I am resigning from the DNC so that I can support Bernie Sanders,” Ms. Gabbard said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Ms. Gabbard, who has clashed with DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz over the Democratic presidential debate schedule, said her decision was rooted in her military experience.

As a veteran, as a soldier, I’ve seen firsthand the trust cost of war,” she said, calling it a “necessity” to “have a commander-in-chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment, who looks at the consequences of the actions that they are looking to take before they take those actions, so that we don’t continue to find ourselves in these failures that have resulted in chaos in the Middle East and so much loss of life.”

[Washington Times]

Panama Papers

Donna Brazile, a contributor to CNN, is taking the reigns from Debbie to run the DNC temporarily. CNN, according to The Hill, has reacted:

“With news of Donna Brazile stepping in as interim chair for the Democratic National Committee, CNN and Brazile have mutually agreed to temporarily suspend her contract as a contributor for the network effective immediately,” a CNN spokeswoman wrote in an email. “As a valued voice and commentator, CNN will revisit the contract once Brazile concludes her role.”

[underlining ours]

Brazile’s biases were somehow not a problem in the past for partnership with CNN despite her following resume (from Wikipedia):

Brazile volunteered for the Jimmy CarterWalter Mondale presidential campaigns in 1976 and 1980 as a teenager.

Brazile served as deputy field director of the Michael Dukakis general election campaign. On October 20, 1988, she made headlines by telling a group of reporters that George H. W. Bush needed to “fess up” about unsubstantiated rumors of an extramarital affair.

Said Brazile, “The American people have every right to know if Barbara Bush will share that bed with him in the White House.”

In the 2008 election, she served as a superdelegate for her work for Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

Brazile was interim Chair (promoted from Vice Chair) just before Wasserman Schultz’ installation. She has never been full Chair. Where’s Michelle Obama to point out the racial discrimination?

Pathetic: Obamas Claim ‘We’ve Been Treated Like the Help’

Interestingly, Wikipedia lists Brazile’s religion as Roman Catholic. Also:

[Brazile] was strongly critical of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, which places limits on taxpayer-funded abortions in the context of the November 2009 Affordable Health Care for America Act.


Of note: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ predecessor as (full) DNC Chair?

Hillary Clinton running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine

Hillary Pays to Play

Thanks to our sources:

Wasserman Schultz to Have a New Role in Clinton Campaign