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Bill Nye Sues Disney

HuffPost reported everyone’s favorite politically-correct prick, Bill Nye, has leveled a lawsuit at Disney. The entertainment giant produced Nye’s publicly-propped PBS production “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in the 1990s.

A Nye-ordered audit of the Walt Disney Company from last year reportedly found the fake scientist was stiffed $9.3 million since 1993 under the distribution deal.


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HuffPost also found another $28 million is apparently due to “Nye and his partners” from Disney, offenses unspecified.

Disney started it: according to TMZ, they asked [Nye] to return $496,000 of a $585,000 check it issued him in 2008 for “back-end profits” because of an accounting error.

Nye proceeded to audit Disney to contest the claim. And here we are.

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Emma Watson to Star as Beast in Re-Make of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Watson, alongside the love interest of her character from the classic 1991 Disney musical

Entertainment Weekly last month brought us some updates on the “highly-anticipated” Disney live-action remake of their own movie.

New to our reporters was the stunning casting of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson as the male lead, Beast.

“She’s really good! I can’t picture anyone else, honestly [as Beast].”

–composer Alan Menken

Alan Menken 2013 (cropped).jpg

Menken, above courtesy of Wikipedia, also composed the score of the brilliant motion picture, Enchanted

Mr. Menken pulled no punches in the self-congratulation department as he lauded the rest of the cast, which EW outlines:

[Dan] Stevens (“of course, he spends a lot of the movie with a lot of fur covering him but he’s great”), Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen as Lumière and Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Luke Evans as Gaston (“fantastic – what a revelation”), Josh Gad as LeFou, Audra McDonald as Garderobe, and Kevin Kline as Belle’s father, Maruice. “The cast is just a dream cast, it’s ridiculous.”

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Menken made sure to emphasize his own contributions:

“It’s exciting. For me because I’m writing the new songs and scoring the new movie, it’s a lot of work. It’s interesting and it’s challenging to come back to the same source material three times. And in this case I’m really taking my lead – I am bearer of the flame to a degree[.]”

[our emphasis]

The movie is set to inspire people in March of 2017.

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Disney Fires, Re-Hires as Alligator Fallout Transpires

Disney cast member sign

Shannon Sullivan, a Magic Kingdom restaurant worker through the Disney College Program, got on the Twitters when she saw the above sign in the break room, according to Orlando Sentinel.

If a Guest asks if we have gators in the water around Tom Sawyer’s Island (or any other bodies of water), the correct and appropriate response is, “Not that we know of, but if we see one, we will call Pest Management to have them removed.’ Please do not say that we have seen them before.”

I was very offended by it and I was pretty vocal about it,” Sullivan, apparently more concerned about her own feelings than job security. Or tourist safety.

The sign was removed, and Disney apparently told the Sentinel it was not authorized. Sullivan was axed from her internship.

Florida Man–Wait For It–

When the Sentinel asked about Ms. Sullivan’s removal, Magic Kingdom VP Dan Cockerell offered her the job back until its original late July ending.

Disney said it does not know who posted the sign and that no one else is being disciplined over the incident. Cast members were trying to do the right thing, the company said.

Sullivan said she knew sharing a picture of the sign on social media might get her in trouble. But she was bothered by the idea of misleading visitors. “At this point it became my morals and my integrity and what I believe in,” she said. “I thought if I lose my job because of that, it’s worth it to me.”

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spedicini@orlandosentinel.com or 407-420-5240

Updates on Nebraska Toddler Drowned by Gator

Parents of Gator-Drowned Toddler Explain Why They Will Keep This in the News

Matt and Melissa Graves released a statement last week indicating they will not be suing Disney World for their alligator-drowned son, Lane, who died at least a month ago but is still dominating the news. They tried to clarify why milking their national spotlight for as long as possible is certainly not their intention.

“We will solely be focused on the future health of our family and will not be pursuing a lawsuit against Disney.

“We will forever struggle to comprehend why this happened to our sweet baby, Lane. We will just as eternally ponder how we can keep the national conversation going about our child, and this only begins with refusing to level a lawsuit against the Wonderful World of Disney.

“As each day passes, the pain gets worse, but we truly appreciate the outpouring of sympathy and warm sentiments we have received from around the world.

“We know that we can never have Lane back. This will not stop us from advocating against gators, spreading the news that anyone who leaves a toddler several feet away from them in six inches of water has a right to public outcry and publicity, and subtly shaming Disney as publicly as possible until we get a payout ‘under the table.’

“For now, we continue to ask for privacy as we focus on our family.”

It is unclear when the next interview will be.

According to Yahoo! News, Disney had no immediate response, probably because Mr. and Mrs. Graves will keep this story burning for another 20 years. No rush.

Florida Man–Wait For It–

Mr. Graves, according to NBC News, insisted on showing photos of his son to reporters en route to the hospital, and then dropped another nugget by coyly mentioning there was a second gator that he had to fight off.

Florida has an estimated 1.3 million wild alligators, or about one for every 15 residents, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. (NBC)

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Florida Man

Florida Man Man in Florida Gropes Six in Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool

Aman Bhatia, pictured, has been charged with two counts of battery and four counts of lewd and lascivious molestation

According to the Daily Mail, Aman Bhatia was arrested on charges of groping six people in the Disney Typhoon Lagoon wave pool on Sunday.

Bhatia, 27, put his hands “all over [the victim’s body]” as the waves engulfed her, according to one victim who spoke to the Daily Mail.

Citing a Sheriff’s Office report, Click on Orlando reported that Bhatia was accused of getting in front of the victim again.

Another woman was gabbed from behind at the waist by Bhatia. After she broke loose, Bhatia grabbed once more.

The Daily Mail and other sources confirm:

Four others reported similar incidents to authorities. 

Orlando Sentinel notes Bhatia allegedly pinched one of the female accusers hard enough to leave a red mark. As well, some of the victims “were between the ages of 12 and 15.”

Bhatia told officers he had broken his glasses and couldn’t see clearly, causing him to unintentionally touch people.

An arrest report obtained by the Sentinel said: ‘Mr. Bhatia said everyone was bumping into each other and having fun but he never intentionally touched anyone or grabbed any ladies [sic] breasts or buttocks.’

Whoa there Bhatia! No one ever said anything about breasts or buttocks! Caught in your own web of lies!

Bhatia posted bond Wednesday. Disney has banned him from future visits to Typhoon Lagoon.

Disney Removes Reptilian References; Florida Man–Wait For It–

Florida Man Attacked by Gator; Disney Capitulates

In a much lesser-profile incident than the Nebraska toddler killed by an alligator at a Disney resort earlier in June, a Florida man was similarly assaulted in Bushnell last week, “about an hour away from where the toddler was killed,” national media outlets screamed, because alligators in Florida are now an epidemic.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office followed up on an evening call and found the 58-year-old with an injured right leg just feet from the implicated reptile, according to Click Orlando.

The man was taken by chopper to Ocala Regional Hospital.

His attacker, 8.5 feet long and 300 pounds, was killed by Florida Wildlife Commission.

Lane Graves was apparently buried that same day in Nebraska.

One of the “nine major attacks” by gators in Florida last year was fatal, per Florida Fish and Wildlife.


OF NOTE, the Miami Herald reported to Yahoo! News that Disney World has promptly refined its experience for impressionable, lawsuit-threatening customers.

While the prevalent tramp stamps, leashed children and Japanese guys eating turkey legs will still be around, the Happiest Place on Earth has removed a few features from the park because one goddamn toddler got dragged off in Seven Seas Lagoon last month.

Louis, the “trumpet-playing alligator from The Princess and the Frog,” has been cut from the Friendship Faire castle show, according to an anonymous Disney employee.

Just to cover all its bases, Disney recognized tourists who would let a toddler play in six inches of water unsupervised probably can’t discern gators from crocodiles, so the latter reptile has also been removed.

Tick Tock the Croc of the Festival of Fantasy parade is now absent from the park.

Also, the boat tour guides at Jungle Cruise have cut the “crocs eat children” jokes from the narration, and Kilimanjaro Safari no longer mentions a “crocodile pit.” Microaggression!

Have we lost all confidence in the dedicated theme park employees’ ability to ward off gators??

Less-than-subtle changes include new signs and fences along resort beaches warning of alligators and snakes and advising against feeding the wildlife. Such notices were not posted when the remains of 2-year-old Lance Graves were pulled from the Seven Seas Lagoon on June 15, after an alligator snatched him and pulled him underwater.

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I didn’t come all the way to Orlando and pay $200 a head for admission to share my funnel cake with the local animals, but whatever.

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