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Comey to Convocate and Cash In

Former FBI Director James Comey (below) has scored a lucrative part-time lecture position at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Former FBI Director James Comey has accepted a part-time position at Howard University this year, where he'll be delivering a series of lectures 

Comey will refund his $100,000 haul from the “Gwendolyn S. and Colbert I. King Endowed Chair in Public Policy” position to offer scholarships to students from foster homes entering the historically black university.

The first appearance for the much-maligned 2016 Trump victory architect will be the September convocation for students.

The ensuing five lecture topics “will be decided after the ex-FBI chief converses with student leaders and other campus stakeholders.”

FBI Rapes More Phones (Continued)

Meanwhile, in the longstanding tradition of Washington beneficiaries, Time reports:

Comey’s tenure at Howard University will coincide with the release of his widely anticipated book, which is expected to be published in the Spring of 2018.


According to Washington Examiner, Comey commanded the trust and approval of colleagues, as documented on score sheets from three years’ worth of FBI “internal memos” released to news organizations for fulfillment of FOIA requests (which the FBI, unlike the State Department, apparently honors).

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 3.81 or higher indicating success, Comey’s subordinates reportedly gave him at least a 3.81 on “nearly every item.” Grade inflation!

Comey received a score of 4.47 from employees when asked to grade the former director on the “trust and confidence” they have in him as a leader. The former FBI director received a 4.48 from subordinates on whether they would work for Comey again, and a 4.22 when asked if he is humble.


Employees gave Comey a score of 4.38 for being someone more interested in leading than being liked.

[our emphasis]

The scores reportedly dipped slightly this year compared to 2016.

Summer Part 2: August Agony!!! Looking Back: May 9: FBI Director Comey Fired

Summer Part 2: August Agony!!! Looking Back: July 9: James Comey, Rogue Agent

Christopher A Wray DOJ portrait.jpg

Comey was replaced by Christopher Wray (above) at the FBI on August 2. Five Democratic Senators voted against Wray’s confirmation, including Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY).

Al Franken (MN) missed the vote.

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DNC Updates


Thomas Perez will receive the backing of four Democratic governors this evening, according to CNN. This is significant because only 17 of the 50 state governors are Democrats.

Terry McAuliffe (Virginia) and  John Hickenlooper (Colorado) are two Democratic bagmen with some shady respective dealings in the past:

Hillary Quilts; Associates Don’t Quit

Blast From the Past


Virginia and Colorado had margins of victory for Hillary in the 5% range for the 2016 Presidential election. (Libertarian Gary Johnson got over 5% of the vote in Colorado.) Although both states have now gone blue three consecutive election cycles, their governors will officially wield the influence–and sleazy connections–endemic of “swing state governors.”

Much less consequential will be Governor Gina Raimondo (Rhode Island…?) and John Bel Edwards of Louisiana.

Perez’s (rumored “more progressive”) competitor Keith Ellison, meanwhile, has the following high-profile endorsements: Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA); Georgia representative John Lewis, and Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard.

Original post continues below:

The Hill reported that Keith Ellison‘s adversaries are working to sink his credibility and ensure a more “establishment” candidate, like Thomas Perez, will become the next DNC chair.

Re-ignited issues that were reportedly raised to derail Ellison in his first national campaign, when he won a four-way Congressional race to represent Minnesota’s 5th district with 56% of the vote, include  past tax troubles, campaign finance violations and minor legal issues that once led to his driver’s license being suspended.

Ellison’s wife at the time claimed responsibility for all the issues, according to The Hill:

At the time, Kim Ellison said that memory loss associated with her multiple sclerosis was the reason for the unpaid traffic tickets, late campaign finance reports and household bookkeeping errors.

[our emphasis]



Hillary Updates

Mr. Ellison, since divorced from Kim, paid over $18,000 to “settle a federal lien against him over unpaid income taxes from between 1992 and 2000,” according to The Hill.

The drivers license was suspended “multiple times” due to unpaid tickets, which Ellison acknowledged in 2006.

Ellison’s potential DNC voters are not impressed in some cases. The Hill:

Bob Mulholland, a DNC member from California and one of 447 who will vote in the February election, says he has not backed a candidate yet but will not support Ellison.

“One Republican said to me, ‘You’re going to elect a tax cheat who drives without a license?’” Mulholland said. “It’s absurd.”

“If Ellison were running as a Republican, Democrats would attack him as a tax cheat, so I have no idea why Washington insiders are urging the grassroots to elect another insider. If you can’t drive or pay taxes, you can’t organize your life, so I concluded early on that he can’t organize for this job.”

[our emphasis]


An anonymous DNC member who supports Thomas Perez noted the appearance of impropriety may be more damaging “across the aisle” politically than anything Ellison has actually done, and reportedly told The Hill:

“Every time he makes a statement about Donald Trump’s irresponsible policies, Republicans will come back and say, ‘Who is he to talk about being irresponsible? He couldn’t even get his finances in order and got sued by the state of Minnesota, or he can’t even hold on to his driver’s license without getting it suspended.’”

“Layer on that the statements he made about Israel — a lot of this stuff is blown out of proportion, but Republicans will never hesitate to blow things out of proportion. It will diminish his credibility significantly and take the focus away from where it needs to be.

“Look — these things happened a long time ago and sometimes young people do things incorrectly and that’s probably a large part of this. But the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter. Republicans went after Hillary Clinton for something out of law school 50 years ago in Arkansas. That’s what they do. It is a problem to have someone with baggage from the get-go.”

[our emphasis]

[According to Wikipedia, Hillary graduated from Yale law school in 1973, which was 43 years ago.]

Ellison’s support for the Nation of Islam is under scrutiny. Among charges of anti-Semitism, NOI is dealing with current leader Louis Farrakhan‘s rumored past characterization of Adolf Hitler as a “great man.”

Ellison denounced the NOI in 2006. CNN:

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, publicly renounced his association with the Nation of Islam in 2006 after it became an issue during his run for Congress, when local Republican bloggers began publishing his old law school columns and photos connecting him to the organization.
“I have long since distanced myself from and rejected the Nation of Islam due to its propagation of bigoted and anti-Semitic ideas and statements, as well as other issues,” Ellison wrote at the time.
From our research, Ellison’s action with the NOI and writings supporting the African-American Muslim religious and political movement was mostly throughout the 1990s.
The Hill:
This is the same bullshit as people pulling up his past comments to try and paint him as an anti-Semite,” said Minnesota Democratic chairman Ken Martin, an Ellison supporter who also has a vote in the DNC race.

See most of our recent news on the race here:

Dean Drops Out

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Time[s] They Are a-Changing [and a-Taxing]

TIME Announces New “Person of the Year”…and New Approach if You Disagree with His Election

On Wednesday Time magazine released its pick for 2016 “Person of the Year.”

Photograph by Nadav Kander for TIME


Trump joins the vaunted ranks of former honorees Obama, Ben Bernanke, Adolf HitlerGrand Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini of Iran, Angela Merkel and The Endangered Earth.

Ali Khamenei succeeded Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini/Khamenei to lead Iran against America/The Great Satan.

Of note, until 1999 the honor was named “Man of the Year.” Even, apparently, in 1975, when the recipient was “American women.”

Mark Weston has an interesting response to Trump’s election: “The approximately 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton should pledge that in the future if a Republican wins the presidency with fewer votes than a Democrat for the third time in our era, we won’t pay taxes to the federal government.”

[our underlining]


Of note, since the beginning of the “honor” in 1927, every American President has bagged the prize at least once except for Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford and Herbert Hoover.


Weston believes the Democrat-voters’ “threat” will put Republicans on notice: they do not have the right to impose a hard-right, second-place presidency on a moderate nation every dozen or so years. If the Republicans won’t help amend the Constitution so that America can resume being a democracy, then Democrats, lacking the representation that supporters of a future popular vote-winner ought to have in the executive branch, should not submit to paying taxes to the federal government.

He is apparently unaware that the IRS of the Federal Government confiscates wages automatically, and can take anything they want without due process. This is similar to the basis of civil asset forfeiture in which people have to sue and prove their police-confiscated property is innocent of a crime.

Police Take Again Because They Can

Always looking out for the little guy, Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch temporarily suspended this practice, but had to resume it because governments lost money:

Federal Government Resumes “Equitable Sharing” Funding

Weston may be disappointed with the results of his plan in terms of federal income tax. Because only the rich people voted for Trump and only the poor people voted for Hillary, voters for the latter withholding their Federal income tax may not make much of a dent in the pot of federal money. The top 1% earning Americans paid 45% of the income taxes in 2014, a record percent!

Also, somewhere between 40% and 47% (thanks, Mitt Romney!) of voters pay no income tax at all. Conservative Forbes estimated in 2015 the percent of households that would pay no income tax was 45.3 percent, nearly 5 percentage points higher than [Forbes’] 2013 estimate of 40.4 percent.

[our emphasis]


Fortunately for the Federal Government, everyone rich and poor alike motivated to do any sort of job in this country (and thereby subsidize entitlements and relinquish those they would be given if they could get through social assistance)–

[A great summary of this conundrum and a better solution by social scientist Charles Murray: http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-guaranteed-income-for-every-american-1464969586]

–gets hit with the social insurance taxes, which the Feds can and do pinch from all, whether you run a laundromat or a lemonade stand.

Forbes: Three-fifths of those who don’t owe income tax work and thus pay Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes.


This graph looks suspiciously easy on them evil corporations if we generalize that rich people pay individual and social insurance taxes and poor people may pay just the social insurance tax. However, if your business makes basically any money at all, the Feds take more than one third after you deduct expenses and the tax breaks your entrenched Washington representative has obtained for you:

Wikipedia: All taxable income is subject to tax at 34% or 35% where taxable income exceeds $335,000.

[One of those deductions is the other half of your payroll tax. For example, if your paycheck reads 7.5% was confiscated for the payroll tax, your employer is paying the same amount to the Feds for every paycheck they write you. Job creation! ]

[Maybe we could stop spending trillions and trillions of dollars each year we don’t have each year Taxes will just have to be raised until we pay off the $20 trillion the Feds spent on our behalf.]

Oh, but they have other ways, do the Federal tentacles buried in your marriage, job, house, health care, etc. etc. etc. To name just a few:

Washington cashes in on gasoline, for example. Your price per gallon is 18 cents higher for regular, 24 cents higher for diesel. (States add an average of $0.30 per gallon on top of the federal tax.)

Federal profit on student loans is also pretty sweet. The actual profit appears to vary depending on the source or if you subtract the administrative costs of the loans. However, ultra-conservative Huffington Post ran a good number in 2013: the $1 trillion in debt held by American adult students (because the Federal Government education they received was worthless and everyone must go to college…says the government) is piling up interest for Federal pots:

The federal government is due to book $51 billion in profit [in 2013] off new and existing federal student loans, according to estimates by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The record amount brings the government’s profit haul to nearly $120 billion over the past five years, according to CBO forecasts and Department of Education budget documents.

[our emphasis]

(While the Federal Reserve artificially manipulates market interest rates for other American loans, the Federal Government gets to set their own student loan interest rate.)

Tax on death is an interesting one. Only 0.2% of the richest dying people have to frantically write checks to family members and “charitable organizations” like the $3.4 billion-endowment Johns Hopkins University as they head for the hospice to avoid a bill from the Federal Government for the privilege of dying. This is because the “estate tax exemption” is $5.45 million ($10.9 million for a married couple). Estate tax got only $19.3 billion for the Feds in 2014. [Individual states that levy the estate tax are the real winners when your rich relatives die, because they set their own (usually lower) exemption. Oregon apparently has the lowest.]


Even the poorest little people are easily kept under the government yoke and insidiously prevented from touching their money before the Federal Government takes their cut. The confiscation starts at 10% for every dollar over $0 and up to $9725…sorry babysitters and dog walkers! The top rate is 39.6%  at $415,000 and up. Nothing motivates a rich person to keep creating value for society like telling them, “You are allowed to keep 3 out of every 5 dollars you earn.”

(Some have argued that penalizing hard work decreases overall wealth. But look at all the hard work the Feds motivate low-income, self-employed people to perform by hiding their true income!)

A national tax on consumption, like the revenue-neutral FairTax, would eliminate the IRS and hours of paperwork filing returns for every American. It would also eliminate a monthly transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars from little people to lawyers to discern/best utilize the monstrous Tax Code, which Washington cannot simplify without scrapping all the “special deals” they have with various industries. Like $100 million annually to subsidize tobacco.

Paychecks are docked before people get to cash them, and then the Feds offer “refunds” to whoever they believe these tax breaks, like single mothers. An example is the Earned Income Tax Credit. About 1 in 4 of these refunds are mistakenly given to richer people. Oops:

Taxing Times


Weston wants the “I won’t pay taxes because Hillary lost” crowd to  stash whatever they would have paid in taxes had Trump not won in a national escrow account, preferably in a well-established Canadian or British bank that is beyond the reach of the U.S. Justice Department, because whoever opens this account probably will be in violation of U.S. law.

[our emphasis]

The Feds, unlike local governments, do not viciously pursue every dollar of taxes they say citizens owe them:

Another Family Upended for Years by Police

In the check’s memo line, people should write, “Funds to be transferred to the IRS as soon as America resumes being a democracy.”


Because the $11.4 billion budget, automatic-weapon wielding IRS usually relies on voluntary payment of taxes, this should work.

The Internal Revenue Service, with its 2,316 special agents, spent nearly $11 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment [2006-2014]:

Gunning For Justice

Hillary’s Plurality

Weston is careful not to use the word “majority” in describing his discouragement that the popular vote winner was denied the White House. “We should have what the majority wants” would be a fair complaint regarding the Trump popular vote of 46% to Hillary’s 48…if America were a democracy, and not a constitutional republic. The delusional Weston, like many quadrennially incensed, believes “majority rules” and “democracy” are features of the Federal Government.

That’s why the President and his/her buddies on the Joint Chiefs decide as a group who to drone without trial or declaration of war:

Happy Independence Day

44 Bill Clinton 3x4.jpg

President Bill Clinton (Hillary’s husband) won election in 1992 with 43% of the popular vote. He won re-election with 49% of the vote in 1996–still a plurality, not a majority.

This is an important distinction because the two-party duopoly that keeps third- and fourth-party candidates off the national debate stage works well with the Electoral College to throw the election to either the GOP or Democrat candidate. Ross Perot got nearly 20 million votes in 1992 (or 19%) and NO ELECTORAL VOTES. Where’s the Ross representation???

Weston pouts:

If the Republicans won’t help amend the Constitution so that America can resume being a democracy, [sic] then Democrats, lacking the representation that supporters of a future popular vote-winner ought to have in the executive branch, should not submit to paying taxes to the federal government.


As we have noted previously, the Feds are projected to collect more tax money this year than in any year of American history since the founding of the country. The national debt, as we consistently try to remind people, is also at a record high, approaching $20,000,000,000,000.

Fortunately, the malignant Federal Government is so entrenched and successful at taxation, they get some good revenue from other sources, like one of those evil rich people that never worked a day in their life and have multiple sources of income, like “investments.” (Which are taxed as capital gains.)

Some other ignorant points:

How would the pledge work? First, an online group such as MoveOn.org, Change.org or both, should circulate a petition. The pledge is not just a powerful protest; it is also effortless, requiring no legal or financial sacrifice at all for years, possibly decades.

[Once Change.org is on the scene, you know it’s on. Hold onto your seats, they might even get a GoFundMe to raise money to not pay–wait.]

Some of GoFundMe’s recent “powerful” work:


Americans do love “powerful protests” that are also “effortless.”

Second, the pledge should only apply to federal taxes. We would still pay state, local, sales and property taxes. This is a protest against our 229-year-old system of electoral votes, not against taxation in general.

Wouldn’t want anyone to stop paying local taxes on their property, lottery tickets, alcohol, cigarettes or (in some states like Kansas) food. 

Why shouldn’t we instead protest the income tax itself–a big government, citizen-choking policy instituted by the Sixteenth Constitutional amendment in 1913?

Woodrow Wilson-H&E.jpg

Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) won the presidential election of 1912 with 42% of the popular vote before presiding over ratification of the income tax . Majority because democracy! Right Mr. Weston??


Fortunately, this hypothetical, low effort spite show is unlikely by Weston’s own admission:

The beauty of a no-taxation pledge is that it almost certainly won’t have to be carried out. The mere threat could be enough to propel a Constitutional amendment. If millions sign now, Republicans will know that a third modern Republican runner-up presidency is impossible; Democrats will not be cooperative again [??].

[our emphasis]

Oh no, not a Constitutional amendment! That’s how the liberals overturned Citizens United!


Mr. Weston seems not to care that America was founded based on a tax revolt from Britain (among other things). There is nothing more American, to he and his posse of progressive pricks than the attitude “confiscation of my income is acceptable, but only if my guy/girl is in charge.”

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65 Million Americans Should Threaten to Not Pay Taxes

Dem Gun Sit-In: UPDATE

Town Hall: 26 Democrats Who Sat on Capitol Floor Overnight to Force Failed Background Check Votes Own Guns

Data from a 2013 USA Today study from Town Hall via Heatstreet provided to us this afternoon adds an interesting wrinkle to the highly-publicized dramatic failure of House Democrats last week to “start a fire” and “continue the momentum” for expanding Federal background checks for firearm purchases.

At least 26  of the Democratic representative involved are themselves gun owners, according to Heatstreet. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reported she did not own a gun in the 2013 study (she’s from Oklahoma, so we don’t take her doughnut delivery to the slumber party last week at face value anyway) and many of the representatives involved notably declined to answer the USA Today inquiry three years ago.

Gun ownership does not necessarily predict one’s position (or those of one’s district constituents) on the “common sense” proposals recently floated, like expanding background checks and preventing any of the hundreds of thousands of Americans currently on the secret terror watch lists from purchasing firearms. But these representatives and senators, who as of three years ago publicly confirmed they own weapons (despite their taxpayer-funded armed security details) should probably watch the “confiscate all guns” vibe currently embraced by progressives:

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick

Rep. Bennie Thompson

Rep. Dina Titus

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger

Rep. Jared Huffman

Rep. Jim Cooper

Rep. Jim Costa

Rep. John Carney

Rep. John Garamendi

Rep. Keith Ellison

Rep. Mike Thompson

Rep. Peter DeFazio

Rep. Peter Welch

Rep. Rick Nolan

Rep. Ron Kind

Rep. Steve Cohen

Rep. Tim Ryan

Sen. Gary Peters

Sen. Harry Reid (Nevada)

Sen. Mark Warner

Sen. Martin Heinrich

Sen. Patrick Leahy

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Sen. Tammy Baldwin

Sen. Tim Kaine (Virginia)

Sen. Tom Carper

[emphasis ours]

Town Hall points out that Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who organized the sit-in, was on the terror watch list for years, according to CNN, and stopped by TSA about 40 times trying to board airplanes as of 2004. His proposal to strip “suspected terrorists” of their second amendment rights therefore may PUN ALERT backfire, undermining his own liberty if the measure is successful.

Mr. Lewis declined to respond when asked about his firearm ownership in the aforementioned study.


Interestingly, a bill introduced the February before last by New York warmonger House Rep. Peter King (R), which appears to  have similar “no guns for individuals the Federal Government labels terrorists” aims, has an 11% “support” rating on the non-partisan civic forum popvox.com:

king terror

Mr. Lewis was not among the 123 Democratic co-sponsors of the bill.

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26 of the Democrats Who Participated in the Gun Control Sit-In Own Guns


Sun’s Down, Guns Down

Democrats End Sit-In/Sleepover Demanding Gun Control Vote

NBC gave us good coverage of House Democrats staging an evanescent sit-in overnight demanding expanded background checks for gun purchases, not because ISIS terrorists under investigation by the FBI can easily purchase assault weapons and kill people, but because gun control is the only way to end this violence.

According to TMZ, the Democrats even negotiated a temporary truce with evil, bigoted fried chicken seller Chik-fil-A, whose recently-deceased founder opposed gay marriage. Sitting on the floor is hard work, representatives need to eat!


This is somewhat ironic because ISIS shooter Omar Mateen, who sparked the renewed calls for “gun control,” reportedly shot up Pulse club earlier this month to target homosexuals, as well as advance the agenda of ISIS.

It is unclear if any of the participating Dems, led by Representative John Lewis, bothered to write a bill for the vote they were demanding. However, the disarray of the sleepover was comical.

Lewis and roughly 40 fellow House Democrats began the protest around midday Wednesday by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as a couple dozen visitors in the gallery looked on and vowing “to occupy the floor of the House until there is action.”

Other Democrats began chanting: “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!” and “No bill, no break!”

“We will be sitting-in until the House is allowed an opportunity to vote,” Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland said later in a statement. “This is an issue that ought to transcend party — it’s about saving lives and keeping our communities safe.”

He apparently sent the statement from the safety of his posh office after  [spoiler alert] caving one day into the sit-in because gun control. Or the NRA. Or something.

At least there was wi-fi:

via Twitter:

Rep. John Yarmuth: I’m on the House floor with @repjohnlewis & Dems staging a sit-in to demand action on commonsense gun legislation

Lewis (D-GA) ended the protest earlier this afternoon.

“We must come back on July 5 more determined than ever before,” Lewis declared in anticipation of the House’s return date after the Independence Day recess.

Independence Day isn’t actually for another 10 days, but when you make $174,000 annually a little “R&R” is required before slogging home to press the flesh with the little people whose money you confiscate.

“We’re going to do everything we can to try to get a vote,” said Xavier Becerra (D-CA). Except get their suits dirty by sticking around for more than a day in defense of gun control.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday dismissed the sit-in as “a political stunt” and “a fundraising scheme” designed to churn up campaign cash for Democrats during a high-stakes election year.

Opportunist, sellout and 2020 Presidential candidate House Speaker Paul Ryan allowed the shenanigans without “invoking sergeant at arms” to physically remove the Democrats from the chaotic House floor Wednesday night, according to The Hill.

However, for reasons that are not immediately clear, the determined Dems who humbled themselves, or something, and sat overnight (and on her birthday, too! in the case of Elizabeth Warren) on the plush carpet like the little people they represent gave up after one day when Ryan apparently did not bring in a bill to expand background checks for gun purchases.

Nowhere I’d rather spend my bday than the House floor w/ for gun control.


Senator Warren did take a break…for donuts. (via Twitter)

This despite our previous report that Democratic House members demanded “Where’s the bill???” and chanted “SHAME! SHAME!” to Ryan in the wake of the 49-body massacre by ISIS-inspired homophobic shooter “we may never know”-motivated (according to Attorney General Loretta Lynch) assault weapon-bearer Mateen in Orlando June 12.

Many Democrats expressed reluctance in breaking the rules of the House to mount their insurrection. But invoking advice from Lewis, they said there also comes a time to make “good trouble.” 

Rep. Joe Crowley (N.Y.), vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus, echoed that message and warned of similar tactics to come.

“A fire’s been lit across out [sic] nation,” Crowley said. “It’s a new day in Washington, it’s a new way to fight, as well. We’re not going to sit back and do nothing anymore.”

The Senate, according to multiple sources, took up four gun control measures sponsored by Chris Murphy (D-CT) earlier this week. All failed to reach cloture.

Thanks to our sources: http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/284635-house-dems-end-sit-in; http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/house-democrats-hold-sit-gun-control-n597041; http://www.tmz.com/2016/06/22/democrats-getting-chick-fil-a-sit-in/